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SChedule of Fees

Study of any Budo Art at the Kuroyama Budokai requires payment of TWO components - Annual Membership Fees and Training Fees.

Annual Membership Fees

Fees comprise of  registration with State and National governing bodies for each art and include insurance coverage.

Annual fees for 2022/23 financial year (1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023) are:


Membership to both Australian Kendo Renmei (AKR) and ACT Kendo Renmei (ACTKR) is required.

   + $55 AKR annual membership fee ($35 if  under 18)

   + $30 ACTKR annual membership fee

   + $20 ACTKR joining fee (once only)

Note: If the above fees have been paid through other clubs or State Renmei they are not required to be paid again (proof of payment may be required).


Membership to the Australian Kyudo Association (AKA) is required.  This should be discussed at the Dojo with the Instructor.



Membership to the Australian Naginata Federation (ANF) is required.  This should be discussed at the Dojo with the instructor.

Due date

Fees are due by 30 June for the next financial year or at the time of first joining (subject to any free trial periods).   
Members whose Annual Fees are not received by due dates may be ineligible to participate in regular training or seminars until such fees are paid, and may have a waiting period before they can undertake a grading or competition.

For 2022/23 the membership fees have been waived however registration is still required

Training Fees

Fees contribute to cost of venue hire and other associated expenses to run the dojo.

Training fees for  2022/23 financial year (1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023) are:

  • Iaido - $80 per Term 

  • Jodo - $80 per Term 

  • Aikido - $100 per Term

  • Kyudo - $120 per Term

  • Naginata $120 per Term

Kuroyama Budokai uses a four terms per year (approx. 12 weeks per term) training schedule aligned to the starting dates of the ACT School Term.

Casual attendance is an option - attendance is recorded and invoiced at the end of the Term:

  • Iaido & Jodo - $15 per Session

  • Aikido - $10 per Session

  • Kyudo & Naginata - $15 per Session

Term dates for  2022/23 are:

    Term A   Mon 18 Jul 2022  to  Sun 9 Oct 2022

    Term B   Mon 10 Oct 2022  to  Sun 29 Jan 2023

    Term C   Mon 30 Jan 2023  to  Sun 23 Apr 2023

    Term D  Mon 24 Apr 2023  to  Sun 16  Jul 2023

Due Date

Training fees are due by the start of the second week of the training term. 
Members whose Training Fees are not received by the due date will be required to pay the casual rate for training during that term.
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