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What is Kyudo.


Kyudo is the study of shooting a Japanese long bow and arrow at a target, as a means of developing a unified mind and body.

According to the Nippon Kyūdō Federation the supreme goal of Kyudo is the state of shin-zen-bi, roughly "truth-goodness-beauty", which can be approximated as: when archers shoot correctly (i.e. truthfully) with virtuous spirit and attitude toward all persons and all things which relate to Kyudo (i.e. with goodness), beautiful shooting is realised naturally.


What are the origins of Kyudo.


Kyudo was derived from Kyujutsu, the art of Japanese archery for tactical military purposes  However exactly when it was systematized as a "technique" is uncertain, not only because of the lack of clear records, but also partly because the use of the bow and arrow began in prehistoric times. 


What is involved in Kyudo training at Kuroyama Budokai.

Kyudo training is based on total immersion into the shooting techniques to build the spirit - the study and practice of correct form and etiquette involved in entering the training area, preparing to shoot an arrow, executing the shoot, and exiting the training area.

Dedicated practise of the shooting sequence may take place using a short range target.


Who are the Kyudo Instructors at Kuroyama Budokai.


Our Principal Instructors are:

  • Duncan Bullock - Godan (5th Dan)

Our Assisting Instructors are:


Who are the governing bodies for Kyudo at Kuroyama Budokai.


  • Australian Kyudo Association (AKA) is an administrative body to support the club members of affiliated state associations through access to national seminars, examinations, and international events.

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