Who Are We

Kuroyama Budokai is a Canberra group formed in 2007 to study Budo - a Japanese term used to describe martial ways.  Our original training location was the Australian National University at the base of Black Mountain, a prominent feature of Canberra, from which we derive our name (Kuro Yama).

The study of Budo is not solely about the practice of the physical and technical aspects of fighting (the creation of "fighting warriors" or mixed martial artists with the singular concern of how to best defeat an enemy).  Budo has a deeper goal of developing oneself mentally and spiritually.  Practice is designed to preserve the ancient combat techniques,  with the aim of helping the modern student to achieve control and co-ordination of mind and body through repeated practice.  

Our principal instructors have studied in Japan with senior teachers and regularly participate in seminars in Australia conducted by high ranking delegates from Australia and Japan.  All instructors have the technical knowledge recognised through official grades awarded by the relevant Australian or International governing bodies. 

We currently offer classes in Jodo, Iaido, Kyudo and Naginata. 

We are able to offer guidance on opportunities to train in Aikido and Kendo.


The study of controlled swordsmanship achieved through drawing the sword from its sheath and performing a series of cutting actions in response to an attack.


The study of a four foot wooden staff to defend against an attack from a Japanese sword.



The study of the etiquette of the Japanese longbow. 



The study of the longer range battlefield weapon of a wooden staff with a curved blade on the end.



The study of body movements to evade or redirect a committed attack thereby enabling opportunities for throws, joint-locks, escapes or counter strikes.



The study of applied swordsmanship in a competitive and combative environment using bamboo swords and protective armour.