Who Are We

Kuroyama Budokai is a Canberra group formed to study Budo - a Japanese term used to describe martial ways.  The group formed in 2007 at the Australian National University at the base of Black Mountain, a prominent feature of Canberra, from which we derive our name (Kuro Yama).

Our philosophy is that Budo is not solely about the practice of the physical and technical aspects of fighting (how to best defeat an enemy), it also has a deeper goal of developing oneself mentally and spiritually.  Practice is designed to preserve the ancient combat techniques,  with the aim of helping the modern student to achieve control and co-ordination of mind and body through repeated practice.  


Our goal is not to create "fighting warriors" or mixed martial artists but rather pursue a study of the traditional aspects of the Japanese Budo arts.


We blend the study of a traditional art into a modern environment to create a friendly and relaxed environment where students study and progress at their own pace.  


We currently only provide classes in Jodo, Iaido, Kyudo and Naginata, and through the diversity of our cadre of instructors and members, we are able to offer guidance on opportunities to train in the ACT in Aikido and Kendo.

E-mail: kuroyama.budokai@gmail.com  

Tel: +61 413 807 555


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