Instructor Profile

Darren BOYD

Kendo Godan (2017) - issued by the Australian Kendo Renmei


Iaido Sandan (2014) - issued by Australian Kendo Renmei

Jodo Sandan (2014) - issued by Australian Kendo Renmei

Budo History


Iaido & Jodo

Darren commenced Iaido and Jodo training in 2007 at Kuroyama Budokai under the guidance of Damon Schearer and Brendan Kee.

Kendo History

​Darren holds a Godan in Kendo (2017) and trains regularly at the ANU Kendo Club.  He was selected to attend the AJKF Kendo Foreign Leaders Seminar in Kitamoto, Japan in 2012. In 2009 he was awarded the John Butler Sensei Award for service to Australian Kendo and the Peter McCullagh Award for Outstanding Service to the ANU Kendo Club.

Official Positions

  • since 2017 - President ACU Kendo Club 



  • 2014 Iaido Championships (Brisbane) - 2nd place 2nd Dan individual kata

  • 2014 Jodo Championships (Brisbane) - 1st place 1st Dan / 2nd Dan individual kata

  • 2012 Iaido Championships (Sydney) - semifinalist 1st Dan individual kata