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Iaido & Jodo


​Andrew commenced Iaido and Jodo training in 2008 under the guidance of Damon and Brendan at Kuroyamakai where he is now an instructor in both.


He has attended Australian Kendo Renmei Iaido and Jodo Seminars and has the following national championships results:

  2017 Iaido Championships (Melbourne) - State Team kata - 2nd place

  2016 Jodo Championships (Perth) - Dan pairs kata - 1st place

  2015 Jodo Championships (Canberra) - Dan pairs kata- 1st place

  2014 Jodo Championships (Brisbane) - Dan pairs kata - 1st place

                                                                      - 3rd Dan / 4th Dan  individual kata - 2nd place

  2012 Jodo Championships (Sydney) - Dan pairs kata - 1st place

  2012 Iaido Championships (Sydney) - 1st Dan individual kata - 1st place

  2010 Jodo Championships (Perth) - 2nd Kyu pairs kata - 2nd place

Iaido Yondan

Australian Kendo Renmei 2017

Jodo Yondan

Australian Kendo Renmei 2016


Kyudo Nidan

Japan Kyudo Federation 2016


​Aikido Shodan

International Aikido Federation