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Lee Walsh

Assistant Instructor (Jodo & Iaido)

  • Jodo Sandan [2023] - Australian Kendo Renmei

  • Iaido Nidan [2022] - Australian Kendo Renmei

  • Aikido Shodan [2023] - International Aikido Federation

Jodo & Iaido


Lee first began martial arts with aikido in 1998 and shortly after and moved to Melbourne for uni, where he trained kung fu for 5 years.  Changing cities again after uni, Lee studied fencing (sabre) in Sydney.  After moving to Canberra in 2016, Lee returned to aikido and shortly after took up iaido and jodo.


Professionally, Lee is a researcher, movement physiologist and engineer and applies physiology and engineering to solve problems in medicine and professional sport.   This brings a practical knowledge of physics and human movement, to his budo practice.


Jodo, iaido and aikido are Lee’s current focus, but his martial arts training is also shaped by his previous styles, as well as skills learned in competitive sport, engineering and sport science.  This has made him an advocate of cross-training and using study in one art, sport or skill to improve outcomes in another.

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