Equipment Required

Until a Keikogi (uniform) is purchased, loose fitting clothes are preferred. Depending upon quality of course, uniform prices can vary and also as good suppliers are often overseas, exchange rates vary.


The correct uniform (keikogi)  is a black uwagi (jacket) with a white juban (undershirt), a black hakama (special pleated pants) and a obi (belt) of any colour.  The obi is not the same as used in karate etc and is thinner and wider.  Optional items of clothing include knee pads (many students prefer these) and tabi (special footware) becaue of Canberra's colder weather.  A standard uniform (keikogi, hakama and obi) suitable for a beginner is around $100 - $175.  This can also be used for Jodo for the first several years of training.


The correct uniform (keikogi) is a blue uwagi (jacket) and a blue hakama (special pleated pants).  Optional items of clothing include tabi (special footware) becaue of Canberra's colder weather.  A standard uniform (keikogi and hakama) suitable for a beginner is around $100 - $130.  This can also be used for Iaido for the first several years of training if an obi (belt) is also purchased.


The correct uniform (keikogi) is a white uwagi (upper garment) and white shitabaki (pants) and a white obi (belt).  A hakama (special pleated pants) is generally not worn until yudansha (black belt) level.  A standard uniform suitable for a beginner is around $50 - $100.

Naturally, special equipment is required for training in Iaido and Jodo.  The dojo does have several items for use by beginners however those taking up regular training will soon require their own.


A special type of training sword (Iaito) specially shaped and weighted to enable the drawing and cutting techniques to be controlled and performed in a quick and efficient manner.  Iaito are made from usually a zinc alloy and are not sharp.  Senior practitioners (usually members of the instructor cadre) use Shinken which are sharpened.  


Please note that Japanese swords purchased from stores/websites which are not martial arts suppliers (and even some that claim to be) may not be appropriate for training due to the nature of their manufacture being a safety issue.  We suggest first discussing any purchase with one of our instructors. All swords MUST be inspected and approved by an instructor prior to first time use.


Training requires a 4 foot Japanese white oak staff (Jo) and sword (Bokken).  


Please note that Jodo equipment has some subtle but unique differences from the Japanese white oak Jo and Bokken that is often purchased for other arts (such as Aikido).

Reputable Suppliers

It is recommended that the advice of an instructors is obtained for the details of reputable suppliers before buying any equipment.


The Dojo currently has a relationship with a prominent company in Japan, Tozando, with whom we have a loyalty scheme which offers discount on many uniform items, and a relationship with a sword manufacturer in Japan.


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