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Iaido & Jodo


Damon commenced training in Iaido briefly in 1996 under the private guidance of Greg Mapstone in Ipswich, Queensland and then returned to training in 1999 under the instruction of David Kolb at the Brisbane Aiki Kai. In 2000 he took up the study of Jodo, also under David Kolb.

Through David Kolb, he has advanced his study of All Japan Kendo Renmei Seitei Iaido & Jodo, Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido and Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo.

He has travelled to Japan on numerous occasions over the last 16 years training privately in Sendai with Kuniaki Nagayama Sensei, 7 Dan Kyoshi Jodo 7 Dan Kyoshi Iaido and attending ZNKR Miyagi Prefecture Iaido and Jodo seminars.  He has also trained with Obayashi Tadashi Sensei, 8 Dan Kiyoshi, of the Dai Ken Kyo Iaido club in Osaka.

Official Positions

2017-present   Coaching Coordinator - Australian Kendo Renmei

2008-present      Executive Officer - ACT Kendo Renmei

2007-present      Dojo-Cho - Kuroyama Budokai

2015-2018           Iaido Board Chairman - Australian Kendo Renmei

2012-2015           Iaido Board Member - Australian Kendo Renmei

2012-2015           Jodo Board Member - Australian Kendo Renmei

2007                    Founding Member - Kuroyama Budokai


He has attended Australian Kendo Renmei Iaido and Jodo Seminars and has the following national championships results:

  2012 Jodo Championships (Sydney) - 3rd Dan / 4th Dan individual kata - 2nd place

  2012 Iaido Championships (Sydney) - 4th Dan individual kata - 1st place

  2011 Jodo Championships (Melbourne) - 3rd Dan / 4th Dan individual kata​ - 1st place

Jodo Godan

Australian Kendo Renmei 2017

Iaido Godan

All Japan Kendo Renmei 2015


Aikido Yondan

International Aikido Federation 2014


​Aikido Shodan

Shodokan Aikido Hombu 1997

Coaching Coordinator 

Australian Kendo Renmei


Executive Officer

ACT Kendo Renmei



Kuroyama Budokai



Iaido Board Chairman

Australian Kendo Renmei


Iaido Board Member

Australian Kendo Renmei



Jodo Board Member

Australian Kendo Renmei


Founding Member

Kuroyama Budokai


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