Aikido Yōsei no hōhō
[Training Method]
合気道 養成 の 方法
Kihon [Basics]                                                                                基本

Basic practises to prepare for a training session and can be categorised as either Tandoku Dōsa  [Solo Practises] 単独動作or Soutai Dōsa  [Paired Practises] 相対動作.  Tandoku Dōsa should always be practised with a mindset of partner practise.

Junbi Undo [Preparatory Exercises]                                                                                                                                                              準備運動

Training should commence with a warm up and lightly stretch appropriate to the planned lesson requirements to minimise injuries.  Exercises to increase physical condition should be minimised or avoided as performing these before training unnecessarily fatigues the body and increases the potential for injury.  Conditioning, which is most effective when tailored to individual requirements, also uses the finite time in the Dojo that could be better applied to practise.

Principal Instructors

Damon Schearer - Yondan (4th Dan)

Clare Engel - Yondan (4th Dan)

Assistant Instructors

Andrew Thompson - Shodan  (1st Dan)



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